B5032D Slotting machine

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Slotting machine B5032D

Made in China

Model B5032D
Max .slotting length 320mm
Max . dimensions of workpiece (Lx H) 600x320mm
Max.weight of workpiece 500kg
Max . cutting force 7500N
No.of ramistrdes per minutem r.p.m 20,32,50,80
Vertical adjustment of ram 315mm
Inclination of ram 0-8°
Distance between tool holding
surface and column front 600mm
Max. tool shank size(WxH) 25x40mm
Table diameter 630mm
Distance between table surface and low end of ram 490mm
Max.lonitudinal travel of table 480/620mm
(power feeds/hand feeds)
Max .cross travel of table 480/560mm
(power feeds/hand feeds)
Max. rotary angle of table ±360°
Range of table longitudinal
and cross power feeds 0.08-1.21mm
Range of table power feeds 0.052-0.783
Power of main drive motor 4kW
Rotating speed of main drive motor 960r.p.m
Power of rapid drive motor 0.75kW
Rotating speed of rapid drive motor 910r.p.m
Net weight of machine (approx) 3500kg
Overall dimensions (L x W x H) 2180x1505x 2285mm

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