GLEASON HURTH ZHF 150 Gear Honing Machine

 In Gear cutting machines, Gearwheel honing machines

workpiece diameter:63,5 mm
centre distance:350 mm
honing length max.:*** mm
total power requirement:*** kW
weight of the machine ca.:7 t
dimensions of the machine ca.:*** m

Technical data G0504

working space
Length of the clamping surface mm 1550
Number of T-slots mm 2
Width of the T-slots mm 18
Distance between T-slots mm 180
Center height (tailstocks) mm 350
Swivel range of the fine wheel head (U-axis) degrees + 30 / -30
Center distance – tailstock / fine wheel min./max. mm 120/225
Input resolution (all NC axes) mm / degrees 0.001

Delivery slide
Movement range (= Z-axis travel) mm 105
Input resolution mm 0.001

Outside diameter min./max. mm 225/275
Hole diameter mm 160
Width mm 60

Outside diameter min./max. mm 40-150
Module min./max. mm 1.25-4.0
Tooth width max. Mm 45

Weight of the machine approx. Kg 5500

Operating fluid requirements Cooling lubricant recommendation, see chap. 8th
Hydraulic fluid HLP D 46 approx. Itr 100
Speeds and feeds
Tool speed (continuously adjustable) max. 1 / min 2000
Feed rates
Rapid traverse / feed Z direction up to m / min 2
X direction up to m / min 2
U-direction up to m / min 2
V-direction up to m / min 2
C3 direction ree / sec 12

Electrical equipment
Operating voltage V 400
Control voltage / lighting voltage V DC / AC 24/230
Frequency Hz 50
Power requirement approx. KVA 27
If the electrical installation has to be carried out according to customer specifications, only the information in the electrical documentation applies.
Motor data
Servo drives: Nm 1 / min
Tool drive C1 27.0 3000
Workpiece drive C2 27.0 3000
X-axis 20.0 3000
Z-axis 20.0 3000
U-axis 6.0 3000
Vertical portal (V1 axis) 6.0 3000
Portal horizontal (U1 axis)
Gripper axis of rotation C3 5.0 3000
Loading slide (X1 axis) 5.0 3000
Three-phase motors: KW 1 / min
Hydraulic motor 1.5 1410
Central lubrication 0.07 2700
Coolant pump 4 2840

Hydraulic equipment
Delivery rate Itr / min 21
System pressure bar 50
Clamping pressure for: headstock max. Bar 35
Clamping tailstock min./max. bar 20

** Only available if required.
Not all limit values ??can necessarily be reached at the same time.

If several maximum values ??come together in a processing task, performance restrictions must be expected!
We reserve the right to make changes to the specified constructions, dimensions and weights