Gleason P 1200 G Gear Grinding Gleason Pfauter

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Gleason-Pfauter Model P 1200G CNC Gear Grinder, 1200 mm diam, 80 mm Profile depth, 1000 mm Z-Axis, 800 mm Table diameter. Equipped with cnc dressing external and internal heads, tailstock, CNC Dresser, Siemens 840C controller,


This Gleason Pfauter machine is well equipped with many options. The machine features both an External and Internal Head attachment, Hydraulic Tailstock, CNC Dressing and Siemens 840C control w/ Siemens motors and drives.

Machine specifications are as follows:
Max External Diameter…..1200mm (48″)
Max Internal Diameter…..1200mm (48″)
Maximum grindable profile depth…..80mm (3.149″)
Max Grinding wheel Diam x Width…..400 x 100mm (16″ x 4″)
Max Radial Dist (X-Axis)…..770mm
Max Tangential Dist (Y-Axis)…..300mm
Max Axial Dist (Z-Axis)…..1000mm
Max Head Swivel…..45 deg. +/-
Work Table Diam…..800mm
Work Table Bore…..182mm
Work Table Max Load Capacity…..100 kN
Tailstock Travel Dist…..900mm
Tailstock Steady Rest Max/Min…..250/110mm
Max Dressing Wheel Diam…..130mm
Max Dressing Unit travel Dist…..150mm
Max Dressing Spindle Speed Range…..2000-8000
Internal Grinding arm #2 specs:
-Max Grindable profile depth…..50mm
-Max Swing Diam…..1200mm
-Minimum Internal Diam…..250mm
-Max Ring-Size….. 180mm
-Max Width (face)…..350mm
-Max form grinding wheel Diam x width…..240 x 50mm
-Diameter of the spindle journal for retaining…..40mm
-Spindle speed of internal Head…..2700-5500
Machine overall dimensions Length…..8100 mm
Width….. 7600 mm
Height….. 4400 mm
Machine weight…..17000 kg
Power Requirement:…..575 volt, 60 HZ, 80 kVA

Machine is equipped with the following:
Siemens 840C control w/ siemens model 611 drives
External grinding head w/ CNC Dressing unit
Internal Grinding Head Attachment w/ Internal grinding arm #2
Hydraulic Tailstock and steady rests Probing and stock dividing
ON-Board Inspection w/ Chart recording
External chilling system Hoffmann filtration and swarf unit
Full Machine guarding Stand alone electrical Cabinet w/ A/C units
Misc tooling, Wheel flanges, Grinding wheels and dresser disc, work
fixtures, etc.
Full manuals and documentation