HÖFER Rapid 1000 Hofler Rapid 1000 Gear grinding machine

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tip circle diameter da max. 1000 mm
Base circle diameter df min. 50 mm
Number of teeth freely selectable Profile height max. 41 mm
Module min. max. 1 approx. 18 mm mm
Tooth width (β = 0) max. 630 mm
helix angle left and right max. 45 degrees
Maximum outer diameter of grinding wheel – dressable
400 mm
Minimum diameter of the grinding wheel at the shoulder – dressable
180 mm
grinding wheel width 60 (45/30) mm
Drive power of the grinding wheel 20 kW
Peripheral speed of the grinding wheel max. 50 m/s
grinding spindle speed 0 – 3100 rpm
diameter – dressing roller 160 mm
Dressing spindle speed 0 – 5400 rpm
Other data:
table diameter 720 mm
table load max. 1500 kg grinding stroke max. 650 mm
Total weight of the machine approx. 17000 kg
Electrical operating power approx. 87 kVA
Compressed air supply:
Inlet pressure consumption 6-8 5 bar m3/h
Noise level 80 dB[A] Counter-attack:
Largest workpiece diameter 1000 mm
Highest clamping position 1450 mm
Adjustment range 1050 mm
Mahr measuring system
Oil preparation plant Interlit
Dittel System 5000MA
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