LORENZ LS 82 CNC Gear Shaping Machine

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CNC-Gear Shaping Machine
Manufacturer LORENZ
Type LS 82
Control SIEMENS 840 C
Built 1999
max. external work-piece diameter 80 mm
max. nominal modul shapable 5 mm
max. gearing width (straight gear) 44 mm
Adjustment of axis angle
Shaping spindle – workpiece table -0,5 bis +0,5 °
stroke range 250 – 1.500 DS/min
centre distance table/shaping spindle -15 bis +170 mm
max. stroke length 55 mm adjustable manually
max. helix angle 45 °
max. tool diameter Ø 180 mm
feed range
feed rotation axis of tool (relating to 100 mm work piece-Ø) 10 to 9.420 mm/min
feed rotation axis of work piece (relating to 100 mm work piece-Ø) 10 to 15.700 mm/min
feed center axis of machine column 1 to 3.750 mm/min
dimensions, weight
required space ca. 4,2 x 2,6 x 2,6 m
machine weight ca. 8.500 kg
electrical supply
total power consumption 23 kVA
operating voltage 400 V
operating frequency 50 Hz
control voltage 24 V DC
• stroke positioning adjustment controlled by CNC
• stroke length adjustment mechanical-manually
• machine is fixed to the ground with specific damping shoes (part of the delivery scope)
• oil mist exhaust system
• tailstock
• shaping spindle and lift of shaping head equipped with hydrostatic bearing