STANKO Komsomolec 5K328 Gear hobbing machine

 In Gear cutting machines, Gearwheel hobbing machine vertical - wheel dia. 1000-1999mm, Metal processing machinery

Machine type: Gear hobbing machine
Manufacturer: STANKO (Komsomolec)
Model: 5K328
YOM: ab.1980

Technical Data:
Max work-piece diameter: 1250 mm
Max work-piece diameter:
-With support: 850 mm
-Without support: 1350 mm
Max module: 12
Table diameter: 935 mm
Max work-piece of producing: 2000 kg
Milling length with vertical plunge cutting: 560 mm
Min number of teeth machined: 20
Distance between Cutter axis and:
-Arbor: 115-820 mm
-Table: 230-880 mm
Main motor power: 10 kW
DIMENSIONS:3560x1790x2590 mm
WEIGHT:14000 kg

Equipped with tailstock, set of gears, arbors

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