UNITECH ZFWVG 250 x 5000 Rolling and industry

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Rolling and threaded wheels machine ZFWVG 250 x 5000

-Universal scope
-Optimal adaptability to the processing task through the use of various milling devices and auxiliary equipment
-Constant precision of processing over the years
-Appropriately simple and conventional operation
-Extensive range of special accessories
-Different alternating wheel combinations allow the realization of a variety of processing tasks

Milling length: 5,000 mm
Peak height over bed: 260 mm
max. Work cloth diameter over bed: 500 mm
max Workpiece diameter via milling sled: 250 mm
Bore workpiece spindle: 102 mm
max. Bore cladding pliers: 100 mm
Vercauction track riding stock pinole: 100 mm
Incline guide spindle: 1/2 left

Workpiece speed range threaded rods (continuously):
0.0032-2.6 U/min

Pre-feed speed ranges (continuously variable):
Rolling milling: 0.027-6.66 mm/WU
Longitudinal milling: 0.3-198 mm/min

Breaking passes:
Rolling milling at incline 1-100 mm: 10.9-1090 mm/min
Thread rods at incline 100-800 mm: 816 mm/min
Rolling milling: 816 mm/min
Longitudinal milling: 816 mm/min

Main engine: 4 kW
Face torque feed engine: 25 Nm

Electrical equipment:
Operating voltage: 400 V, 3 phases
Tax voltage: 24 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Total connection value: 9.5 kW

Length: 7,000 mm
Width: 2,500 mm
Height: 1,600 mm
Net weight: 6,700 kg

Content coolant container: 110 l
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