WMW ZFWZ 5000×50 WMW ZFWZ 5000×50 1960 with 6 heads

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WMW – gear hobber – ZFWZ 5000×50 – 1960- excellent condition, very less used machine (see last 5 photos, table worm gear and shafts)- last gear was manufactured in June 2014- WE HAVE 6 HEADS FOR 3 TYPE OF GEARS (INTERNAL, EXTERNAL AND TANGENTIAL CUTTING MODES) + milling head for face milling and boring PARAMETERS- max gear diameter and modul: 5000×50 mm (depending on heads)- table diameter 4000 mm- table center hole diameter 800 mm, depth 1500 mm- table load 60 t- spindle taper 100 metric- head rotation 195 degrees (15 degrees to the right and to 180 degrees to the left)- min/ max axis distance 500/2800 (3000) mm – distance between cutter axis and table axis- min/ max vertical move 840-2540 mm – distance between table surface and cutter axis- electric power requirement appr. 35 kW- net weight 120000 kg- complete weight 140000 kg (with accessories) SIX HEADS AVAILABLE:1; universal cutting head: max diameter 5000 mm, max gear width 1500 mm, max modul 40 2; INNER gear disc cutting head to universal gear cutting head: min-max gear diameters 2000-4000 mm, max gear width 300 mm, max modul 24, largest disc cutter diameter 400 mm and width 130 mm 3; tangential cutting head: min-max gear diameters 800-5000 mm, max modul 40, largest cutter diameter 400 mm, cutter tangential move 850 mm 4; finger cutting head for outer gears: min-max gear diameters 800-5000 mm, max gear width 1500 mm, max modul 50 5; finger cutting head for INNER gears: min-max gear diameters 1000-4000 mm, max gear width 350 mm, max modul 50 6; additional plano milling head for ring millings OTHER ACCESSORIES- change gears (very less used – see on photos)- table supports (8+8 pcs, all scew)- arbors- weight- books