KAPP VAS 51 CNC Profile Gear Grinding Machine

 In Gear cutting machines, Gearwheel grinding machines, Metal processing machinery

The Kapp is a 5-axis grinding machine for pre- and finish grinding
external gears in one setup with dressing-free CBN
profile grinding wheels.

The machine can still be viewed under power in the factory.

X axis: grinding slide
Y axis: table slide
Z axis: Z slide of the grinding head
A-axis: dividing head
B-axis: turntable of the grinding head

Max. Workpiece diameter 250 mm
Max. Workpiece length 600 mm
Max. Workpiece module 10 mm
Grindable number of teeth range 2 … 999
Gradient height minimum 0.1 and maximum 1000 m
Grinding wheel diameter 160 mm
X-axis 320 mm
Y axis 150 mm
Z axis 160 mm
A-axis 360 deg
B axis +/- 90 deg

X axis 16450 mm / min.
Y-axis 5000 mm / min.
Z axis 4300 mm / min.
A-axis 7200 deg / min.
B-axis 2000 deg / min.
Grinding motor 1800-21000 rpm.