Klingelnberg PSKE 900 Retrofit Bevel gear tester

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The bevel gear testing machine Klingelnberg PSKE 900 is designed for the universal single flank gear inspection of bevel gears and crown gears. Here, gears can be measured using a single-flank and double-flank gear test and evaluated graphically. These test methods are particularly suitable for determining errors in the gear geometry such as concentricity and run-out properties, rolling deviations or pitch errors. Here, a practical installation situation of a toothing outside the gearbox is simulated under real load conditions and then evaluated. Deviations in the toothing geometry, machining errors due to defective tools and damage to the toothing can thus be identified and eliminated before assembly.

The following parameters can be measured here:

Flank deviations Fi ‘, fi’, fl ‘, fk’
Concentricity, roundness (option)
Contact picture with digital camera
Division deviations
FFT analysis, spectrum

Technical specifications
Wheel diameter – max 500 mm
Spindle bore wheel 90 mm
Spindle bore pinion 90 mm
Max. Installation dimension, wheel / pinion 100… 350 mm / 100… 350 mm
Hypoid adjustment none
Angle adjustment 45-135 degrees (option)
Max. Speeds 30 rpm
Mechanical brake
Max. Wheel weight 50 kg
Dimensions (LXWXH) 1300 x 1300 x 1500 mm
Machine weight 1800 kg
Accuracy DIN 3965 / Class 1

* Picture shows PSKE 900 after the modernization
LT approx. 4-6 months