Mikron A35 CNC mit IBH Steuerung CNC gear milling machine

 In Gear cutting machines, Gearwheel hobbing machine vertical - wheel dia. 0-299mm, Metal processing machinery

CNC control IBH dialog guided
largest diameter that can be milled with hobs 4.5 mm
largest diameter that can be milled for high-performance milling machines 3.0
number of teeth 2 – 999
max. workpiece diameter with manual loading 200 mm
max. workpiece diameter with automatic loading 150 mm
maximum workpiece length 400 mm
largest milling length 300 mm
small / largest cutter diameter 40 / 102 mm
maximum cutter length 130 mm
Cutter speed standard 0 – 1500 rpm
Workpiece speed (C axis) 0-350 rpm
feeds X + Z axis 3500 mm/min
Y-axis feeds 4000 mm/min
feeds W-axis 5500 mm/min
Milling motor power at 60% 5.2 KW
Spindle passage 50 mm
Weight of the machine including all auxiliary units 6000 kg

Measuring device
Portal loader ( defective )
Tool holders SCHAUBLIN
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