WMW UPW 12 5 Thread rolling machine

 In Metal processing machinery, Other, Threading machines

Min/max workpiece diam 3/70 mm
Max pitch 4 mm
Max serration pitch 1.6 mm
Max threaded length (infeed) 125 mm
Min/max distance between rolling spindles incl. 15 mm travel 130/240 mm
Height of rolling spindles above machine’s bed 160 mm
Max diam of rolls 195 mm
Spindles diam 54 mm
Rolling force (max) 12,5 tons
Motor for rolling spindle drive 4 kW
Motor for high-pressure gear pump 1.5 kW
Motor for coolant pump 0,13kW
Size 1,35 x 1,08 cm
Net weight 1.940 kg