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GLEASON – No 645- pairs are: REF 1 (finisher) + REF 2 (rougher), 2nd pair is REF 3 (finisher) + REF 4 (rougher) and 3rd pair is REF 5 (finisher) + REF 6 (rougher)- max gear diameter 745,5 mm- max radial setting 266,7 mm- pitch-coarsest 16,9 mod- full dept max 31,8 mm- max face width 116,8 mm- index range 5-80 inclusive- diameter of taper hole at large end 152,4 mm- taper per foot 19,0 mm- depth of taper 152,4 mm- diameter of hol through spindle 127,0 mm- cutter diameter 9, 12, 16 and 18 inches- max offset above center 114,3 mm- max offset bellow center 114,3 mm- max machine center to spindle nose 596,9 mm- cutter speeds 19-167 stepless- feeds infinitely variable from 7 s per tooth minimum- dimensions 4600x3000x2800 mm- weight appr. 24 t for rougher + hydraulics, change gears, other small items- weight appr. 25 t for finisher + hydraulics, change gears, other small items – without knife holders (heads)- change gears- hydraulic unit- cooling system- chip conveyor- cams- not used in the past 15 years, served only as reserve machines- we have got some books to all the 6 machines and also found some books in the electric cabinetsMARKS:- missing on REF 6 (rougher): 1 electric motor and 1 pump from the chip conveyor station